How Many Calories Burned In 30 Minutes HIIT Treadmill Workout?

Running for 30 minutes consumes how many calories? This is the question of many people, especially for those who are intending to choose a HIIT treadmill workout as an effective weight loss support method. If you also have the same question, then find the answer right in the share section below!

Owning a fit and slim body is the desire of most people. Many people decide to apply a HIIT treadmill workout to lose weight because it gives a great result to burn calories. However, to successfully lose weight, you should take the time to calculate how many calories you will burn in 30 minutes or 1 hour of jogging.

how many calories burned in30 minutes hiit treadmill workout
How many calories burned in30 minutes HIIT treadmill workout

How many calories burned by a HIIT treadmill workout?

Currently, most runners usually follow a 30 minutes daily schedule. According to experts and fitness trainers, the amount of calories burned when jogging for 30 minutes depends on the running speed as well as the bodyweight of the practitioner.

If you don’t know about HIIT workouts, you can start to find out the best HIIT treadmill workout for beginners.

Normally, the average speed of runners is mostly 6.5 km/h. At that time, a HITT treadmill workout will help you burn a corresponding amount of calories as follows:

  • If you weight about 60kg, calorie consumption is 4.7 calories/minute.
  • If you weight about 70kg, calorie consumption is 5.5 calories/minute.
  • If you weight about 80kg, calorie consumption is 6.3 calories/minute.
  • If you weight about 90kg, calorie consumption is 7.1 calories/minute.

For average runners, a 30 minutes run will burn about 150 calories. If you increase the incline of the treadmill, calories burned are usually higher, up to 300-500 calories after 30 minutes.

Thus, after knowing how many calories are burned in 30 minutes HIIT treadmill workout, we can compare to know the calories burned in an hour of jogging. If you spend 1 hour a day on this form of exercise, you will burn about 300 – 500 calories to easily lose weight in a short time.

For better control over calories burned, you can set the treadmill running time and speed. This keeps you comfortable without having to time or adjust the speed when running outdoors.

How to burn calories fast with HIIT treadmill workout?

burn calories fast with HIIT treadmill workout
Burn calories fast with HIIT treadmill workout

That’s the average calorie burn. However, not everyone achieves their weight loss goals. Therefore, if you find yourself not consuming enough calories after running, you can apply some more specific tips below:

  1. Don’t be too hasty in the first sessions. You should practice with moderate intensity, medium speed so that the body gradually gets used to and adapts to running every day.
  2. The exercise needs to be persistent, you should practice a HIIT treadmill workout every day or spend 4-5 times a week participating in jogging to bring the fastest weight loss effect.
  3. Once your body has adapted, you should increase your running speed and running time to help burn calories faster.
  4. You can combine jogging with other exercises will achieve the fastest weight loss effect. (Refer to more exercises to burn fat at home)
  5. Scientific diet also plays a very important role. Therefore, you should eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of water regularly every day (Refer to foods for bodybuilding diet)

Should learn more how to run properly

How many calories a 30-minute jog burn depends on whether you are jogging properly or not. Specifically, do not forget a few notes below:

  1. Choose the right clothes for running. It is best to give preference to specialized sports clothes or clothes with good sweat-absorbing materials. Of course, do not forget to choose a suitable pair of shoes to support your feet during running.
  2. Before running, you should spend 10 minutes warming up your body such as rotating wrist, ankle, shoulder joints…
  3. Run with a straight back, relaxed body, eyes forward. In addition, you need to let the heel contact the ground first and then the toe. This not only helps protect the body from injury but also provides the best performance.
  4. Run with short but fast and steady steps. Run with long steps is both exhausting and not very effective for weight loss goals.
  5. Drink water before, during, and after running.

Above is some basic information to help you know calories burns in 30 minutes with a HIIT treadmill workout. At the same time, the related notes will also help you learn the correct way to run, bringing the highest efficiency. Wish you successful weight loss with an exercise plan.

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