How to practice treadmill workouts properly for beginners

Using a treadmill to exercise and improve health is a trend of many modern people today. You are likewise intending to purchase a treadmill to exercise at home but wondering about the best way approach to exercise on a treadmill?

1. What is a Treadmill ?

treadmill workouts properly for beginners
What is a Treadmill?

Treadmill is a mainstream exercise hardware, particular for running. Right now, there are two fundamental kinds of treadmills available:

  • Electrical treadmill
  • Mechanical Treadmill
  • In addition, we also have a specialized aerial treadmill for outdoor training.

Among the treadmills being sold on the market, the electric treadmill is the most popular because of its convenience, modernity and science. With an electric treadmill, you can walk or jog right at home very simply and effectively.

2. Is running on a treadmill good?

A health researcher said that exercising on a treadmill is almost like running outdoors.

This sports activity is very good for health, bringing many great benefits to the physical and mental health of the practitioner.

Specifically, when exercising with a treadmill, we will receive the following benefits:

2.1. Help lose weight effectively, improve physique
Exercising with a treadmill is one of the effective ways to lose weight, reduce belly fat for the body, especially those who want to have a balanced figure.

You just need to run regularly for 30 mins to easily burn about 300 calories of the body.
Running on the machine also boosts metabolism and is more effective than walking alone. A healthy diet along with regular treadmill exercise will effectively burn calories, regaining a healthy shape.

2.2. Strengthen muscle
When exercising with a treadmill, you will clearly feel that this physical activity helps to tone the body.

The exercise is very good for hamstrings, calves, glutes, thighs, … You will soon own yourself a toned and flexible legs if you practice regularly with the treadmill.

2.3. Protect bones and joints
One of the benefits of running on the treadmill is maintaining bone activity. When exercising and putting pressure on the bones regularly, this part needs to adapt and become more flexible.

Running with the machine helps strengthen bones and prevent bone damage with problems such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, …

2.4. Improve mental health
Regular exercise with a treadmill also helps improve people’s mental health.

When jogging, the body will release the hormone endorphin and it helps you feel more excited, comfortable, and pleasant. The stress, stress in life and work will be dissipated.

2.5. Good for cardiovascular
When you run on the treadmill, you will be engaged in a great cardio workout that helps keep your heart healthy.

When running at high speed, the heart beats faster and contracts faster, the speed of pumping blood to the parts is accelerated, then the heart also participates in the exercise process.

Cardiovascular health will improve with regular exercise on the treadmill.

2.6. Prevention of infections and infectious diseases
Jogging is known to stimulate the production of infection-fighting lymphocytes and macrophages in the body.

It helps your body fight viral infections like the flu and the common cold as well as some bacterial infections. From there, the body avoids seasonal diseases, according to the weather such as flu.

3. Instructions on how to properly exercise the electric treadmill at home

3.1. Start up

Treadmill workouts properly for beginners
Treadmill workouts properly for beginners

You need to warm up for the whole body, the muscles and joints are more flexible, which will help you limit injuries and joint pain when running on the treadmill.

Do the movement of turning your wrists, ankles, twisting your body, turning your hips, pressing your legs for about 5-10 minutes to make your body more supple and durable.

A good warm-up before exercise helps warm up the body and reduces the risk of injury

When you first start exercising on the machine, start with a slow walk and then gradually speed up. This is also a way to warm up for the body to get used to the treadmill, reduce fear of surprise, and prevent injury when exercising on the treadmill.

3.2. Detailed training process
After warming up on the treadmill to get used to the machine, you will start running quickly on the treadmill, press the button to increase the running speed gradually to perform a quality jogging exercise.

When you first start jogging on the machine, you should run 3 – 6km/h so that your body gradually adapts. Your running posture is quite comfortable, like a regular jog, your back is naturally straight, your head is slightly tilted forward.

During jogging, you should hit your hands freely so that the whole body is maximally active.

Depending on the training needs and ability of each person, you can increase your running speed, your running speed, and continue to increase the slope of the treadmill to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Note, if you lift the slope of the exercise machine, you should lift less than 6% to avoid bad effects on the joints.

During the course of jogging on the treadmill, you always breathe regularly, ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen to the body.
The great thing about a treadmill is that it can measure your distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate during your run. By knowing these parameters, you will have a plan to adjust your training regimen accordingly, improving the best training efficiency.

Fitness coach shared:

When you first start exercising on the treadmill, you should walk gently to reach 50-60% of your maximum heart rate (ie about 190 x 50% = 95 beats/min).
After 10 minutes of exercise, you increase your speed to 60-70% of your maximum heart rate (about 114 beats / minute).
And when the body gets used to it, go up to 70-80% of the maximum heart rate.
For a multi-function treadmill, in addition to the function of walking and jogging, the exercise machine also adds advanced features such as massage, crunches on the machine. The way to practice these exercises is also quite easy and effective.

❖ Massage on the treadmill

You will stand up straight in front of the massage tool on the electric treadmill. Then, adjust the length of the rope to suit you, wear a massage belt, put it in the position to exercise such as calves, abdomen, buttocks …
Press the trigger switch to start the massage exercise. The standing position should be comfortable so that the massage cord is stretched well, helping to increase the strongest vibration for the area that needs to be broken down.
Practice the exercise for about 15-20 minutes, then turn off the switch to end the exercise.

❖ Do crunches on the treadmill

You should start with a lying position with your butt on the running board, your feet on the foot bar. Hands-on the back of the neck.
Use abdominal muscles to perform bending movements, dropping down to increase the ability to burn belly fat, helping to hunt.

The above article has shown you how to exercise the electric treadmill safely and properly. Through this sharing, hope you will use the treadmill properly and be able to accomplish your weight loss.

In addition, you can add into your training schedule along with exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week which will help you to quickly gain the muscular body as you want. For more effective weight loss, you can start doing HIIT exercises on a treadmill for beginners.

Follow the following articles to know more ways to exercise to lose fat with the treadmill !!

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