Top Running Plans For Weight Loss On Treadmill Calorie Burner

If you are looking to lose weight and have a great body, you can do gym workouts to lose belly fat or simply is running on a treadmill calorie burner daily.

You can run outdoors. Of course, outdoor running has its own pleasure, you can see the river, the sky, and the fresh air. However, it also has many potential risks of unexpected accidents. Especially running outdoors in the rainy season or winter is not a very interesting thing, isn’t it? Moreover, if you have the habit of running while wearing headphones to listen to music, running outside maybe not be safe for you.

Don’t worry! Running on a treadmill will solve these problems for you. It can help you control your running speed and no need to worry about unexpected accidents on the street or bad weather. Besides, exercising on a treadmill at home will help you follow your running plan. You will get effective in your workouts to has a great body by the treadmill calorie burner.

So why not try it? Running on a treadmill at home?

Top Running Plans For Weight Loss On Treadmill Calorie Burner
Running Plans For Weight Loss On Treadmill Calorie Burner

1. Running plan to improve the speed on the treadmill calorie burner

Running in 34 minutes, with speed versions of 3-2-1.

Plan to run on treadmill calorie burner to improve speed
Plan to improve speed on treadmill calorie burner
  • If you are at an intermediate level of running: Increase warm-up time and cooldown time by 10 minutes for each 34-minute run.

2. Running plan to increase strength on the treadmill calorie burner

The key to increasing strength when running is the incline. We’ll do this run in 28 minutes.

Plan to run on treadmill calorie burner to increase strength
Plan to increase strength on treadmill calorie burner

3. Running plan to burn fat

This treadmill running plan is for intermediate to advanced runners for 50 minutes.

Plan to burn fat on treadmill
Plan to burn fat on treadmill

4. Hill climbing training plan

This is a 45-minute steep hill climb designed to simulate running uphill while maintaining a strong stride.

Treadmill trainning plan for climbing hills
Treadmill training plan for climbing hills

Frequently questions about running on a treadmill

Does jogging with 1% incline work?

At 1% slope, it is equivalent to running in the street + air resistance. Of course, the steeper the slope, the harder it will be, find the slope that’s right for you.

Should I race with the runner next to me?

While racing against the person next to you is quite attractive, it should not be done. You may be disappointed when you run like the person next to you, besides that person is training their way so you should not practice like the person next to you.

Is it possible to use the pre-installed running programs on the machine?

Today, with modern treadmills integrated with many running programs that simulate many different running cases, some have positive values, some do not. You can experiment and find new ways to run yourself.

Above are 4 useful running ways or that you can refer to. Or you can start doing a HIIT treadmill workout for beginners. In addition, you can come up with your own running exercises, but it is best to consult an expert before exercising for better results.

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