What Is Cooldown? Need To Do Cooldown Exercises In Running

What is Cooldown, surely many people will be quite strange. Today, let’s find out through the definition of what Cooldown is.

1. What is Cooldown?

Cooldowns are exercises you need to do after a workout to help get your heart rate back to normal, to avoid fainting or fainting due to a sudden stop. It is the opposite of warm-up exercises.
Specifically, the cooldown will help your body slowly regulate and cool down, depending on the intensity of your exercise, there are ways to cool down, for example, jogging at a fast pace, then you should continue running from there. then slow down for a few more minutes and then rest.
Performing this cooldown will help you better limit injury and muscle soreness.

What is Cooldown in running
What is Cooldown in running?

2. How to perform cooldown effectively?

As mentioned above, depending on the level and intensity of your exercise, you will perform the cooldown accordingly. And we have 3 steps as follows:
– Step 1: Reduce the intensity again, the most optimal time is in 3-7 minutes. For example, if you are jogging very fast, you are tired, so you should start running slowly for 3-7 minutes and then stop completely.
– Step 2: We also have stretching exercises after exercise to help muscles reduce pain, recover faster and develop better. At this step remember to breathe deeply and evenly. This is a step that is often overlooked by runners.
– Step 3: Drink more water, you should drink more water that can replenish electrolytes to help your body relax and compensate for the amount of water lost during exercise.

 How to perform cooldown effectively
How to perform cooldown effectively?

3. The importance of stretching after exercise

As we all know, stretching after exercise is an important step, but it is often overlooked. Stretching exercises will restore the elasticity of the muscles, reducing inflammation and pain.
Stretching helps to remove Lactic Acid in the muscles, increasing flexibility. Each stretch should last for 10-20 seconds and be done to the point of discomfort but not pain.

The importance of stretching after exercise
The importance of stretching after exercise

4. Common consequences of not doing cooldowns

During exercise, your veins will dilate to accommodate the increased blood volume caused by an increased heart rate, if stopping suddenly can cause complications such as the following:

  • Varicose vein.
  • Fainting, dizzy.
  • Heart failure (If you have a history of heart disease).
  • Increased chance of injury especially to the ankle.

    Above is the concept of what Cooldown is (intelligible, cooling). Hopefully, with the above information, after running on the treadmill or on the street, no one will ignore it anymore.
    Wish you have effective and healthy exercises.

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