What’s The Best HIIT Treadmill Workout For Beginners?

Most people choose the HIIT treadmill workout for beginners to exercise for lower belly fat and improve health. So what about you? Would you like to get started?

For HIIT to be effective, this also depends on the technique of the performer. Therefore, let’s find out what’s the best HIIT treadmill workout for beginners!

1. What is HIIT treadmill workout?

This form of running belongs to HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) exercise, which is at the top of high-intensity Cardio exercises. The principle of this exercise is to put all your strength into the body to work at maximum capacity in a short time.

If you practice consistently, HIIT running exercises will help speed up heart rate and help burn fat quickly and effectively with just a few minutes of practice.

What's the Best HIIT Treadmill Workout For Beginners?
What’s the Best HIIT Treadmill Workout For Beginners?

2. What are the benefits of HIIT running?

Although when it comes to HIIT exercises, practitioners can choose for themselves between many different options such as cycling, jumping rope, swimming, etc.

However, running is still the most popular solution for many people. First of all, it’s very easy to do at home or outdoor. Meanwhile, its effectiveness is due to quite high with its ability to burn calories and burn fat quickly. In particular, HIIT running also brings many other benefits including:

  • Increase body endurance and fat burning. (Refer to the article How long to run treadmill to lose belly fat effectively).
  • Improve heart health. (Refer to the article Best HIIT treadmill workouts to improve your heart health).
  • Particularly for men, high-intensity interval running will help increase testosterone, thereby enhancing muscle health, improving male physiology.
  • HIIT exercise also plays an important role in stimulating human growth hormone (HGH) inside the body. This is not only a tool to help burn calories but also help slow down the aging process. Therefore, HIIT running is an extremely suitable choice for both men or women.
HIIT treadmill workout for beginners
HIIT treadmill workout for beginners

3. How to do HIIT treadmill workout for beginners?

Before you start doing HIIT exercises, you need to prepare some necessary equipment such as comfortable and appropriate clothes, comfortable sneakers, a relaxing music player…

The first time applying this practice, you need to take time for your body to get used to and adapt. Therefore, you should practice for about 20 minutes in the first session, gradually increasing to 40 minutes in the following times. It is important that the exercise be performed with strength and ensure the correct technique, helping to minimize possible injury.

3.1 Warm-up

The warm-up needs to be done thoroughly. Being subjective can lead to unwanted cramps or injuries. Perform warm-up exercises for about 5-10 minutes and focus carefully on the wrists, ankles, stand up and sit down and run slowly in place.

3.2 Sprint

This stage happens quite quickly, you only need to run for 30 seconds to 3 minutes but must accelerate as fast as possible.

For beginners, you can run on a treadmill with a set speed of about 6 – 10 mph. Then, you try to increase your running speed after every day of exercise (Refer to The running plan on the treadmill calorie burner to improve your speed)

3.3 Cool down

After accelerating, run slowly or walk gently for about 2 minutes, avoiding a complete stop. Running time and speed depends on the fitness of each person.

Repeat the sprint phases and cooldowns for about 20 minutes to 40 minutes workouts.

At the end of the workout, walk slowly for 2 minutes to relax your body to avoid injury. At the same time, this also helps the heart rate and muscles can return to normal.

3.4 HIIT treadmill training tips for beginners

For those who are just starting to practice, the ratio of 1/3 can be applied. This also means you can run about 20 seconds fast and 60 seconds slow. Run these two phases alternately for about 20 minutes.

After a while, when adapted to this exercise, it is best to gradually increase the sprint time and gradually reduce the rest time by the ratio of 1/1 or 2/1 depending on your health. The main purpose is to help the body achieve the best fat loss effect. You should also increase the exercise time to about 40 minutes/session.

You need find out How many calories burned by a HIIT treadmill workout? It will help you make an effective exercise plan.

4. What’s the right food for bodybuilding diet?

No matter how hard you exercise every day, without a proper diet, it will be difficult for you to achieve your weight and body goals. So, what is the right food for bodybuilding diet?

What's the right food for bodybuilding diet
What’s the right food for bodybuilding diet?

4.1 Before exercising

The goal of a pre-workout meal is to replenish energy for the whole workout. If you don’t get enough energy, your performance will be affected. Before you start working out from 45 – 60 minutes, you can eat these healthy foods to help exercise for lower belly fat.

Attention: Do not eat foods containing unhealthy fats, greasy foods, fried foods… even before and after exercise.

4.2 After exercising

The purpose of a post-workout diet is to promote muscle recovery and replenish energy. Therefore, you need foods rich in protein and high-quality carbs to start the repair process and prevent muscle breakdown. You can refer to these foods for bodybuilding diet, high in protein and low In fat.

You also don’t be afraid to include foods high in healthy fats. They are important to help maintain optimal hormone levels, providing slow-burning fuel that can support prolonged workouts. To avoid overeating post-workout, you should include berries and vegetables that are high in fiber.

In addition, doing HIIT treadmill workout will make you lose a lot of water in your body. So, you need to replenish body water with natural drinks to support weight loss and lower belly fat.

Thus, you already know the basic training methods of the HIIT treadmill for beginners. Combining exercise with a healthy diet will help you lose weight safely and successfully. With the above instructions, we hope you have found the right workout solution with the most optimal effect to reduce belly fat and improve health.

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